Piqued My Thoughts #3

TBH, I’m not expecting much response from this. I basically abandoned this blog and even after adjusting and adding new widgets, bits and bobs, I left any readers I did have hanging. I just couldn’t think of anything I thought to be appropriate to share. I guess you can say this post is kind of… Continue reading Piqued My Thoughts #3


Piqued My Thoughts #2

As an avid user of Pinterest (and indirectly Tumblr), I’ve seen a ton of posts/prompts for interesting and innovative new games, stories, novels, comics, etc., and yet can’t seem to find these things actually being made. In fairness to the prompters, they are neither required to make of their prompts nor are they necessarily not… Continue reading Piqued My Thoughts #2

Creative Frustrations

Something that makes me mad: I listen to secular music and enjoy art and sometimes through these artists I can still feel and experience God through it. (That, I'm not mad about.) God still gave them the gift, regardless of what they've chosen to use it for. So why is it then, that once these people… Continue reading Creative Frustrations

Projects I’m currently working on and Ideas for the future

This post is kind of a brain splat if you will. A peek at what's going on in my heart and head. So besides this blog, I am in the process of starting up another one on a specific subject (it's not ready to be revealed yet though so that's all you're getting out of… Continue reading Projects I’m currently working on and Ideas for the future