“The Warrior Princess”

A short story start I have and that has been sitting in my drafts folder for FOREVER. Definitely not finished or polished, but if most of these upcoming story's and comic's posts were, they'd never get posted. Which they haven't, and which I'd like to change in order to grow as a creative writer. ________… Continue reading “The Warrior Princess”


Money, Resources, and Weed Wacking

I don't get why people complain about giving money towards a millionaire's business or something. (Okay confession: I feel that way too about some places with ethics stuff - but moving on.)   "I don't want to buy from this chain, it just goes into the pockets of some selfish rich [insert other adjective] guy."… Continue reading Money, Resources, and Weed Wacking

Station Walk

It was a long walk from the cottage to the station. The cicadas chirped and the humidity clenched Country Boy's lungs as he hurried to the in the interim of evening and night. Scuffed up sneakers, worn by time and needless scratching on sidewalk corners. The scene - as set by time: Bright lights don't do well… Continue reading Station Walk

Creative Frustrations

Something that makes me mad: I listen to secular music and enjoy art and sometimes through these artists I can still feel and experience God through it. (That, I'm not mad about.) God still gave them the gift, regardless of what they've chosen to use it for. So why is it then, that once these people… Continue reading Creative Frustrations

“Grandmother’s House”

Trees and other shadows can play against the mind at night, especially when inside a dark forest. Stumbling through the brush, just barely seeing the groggy path, Eliza finally pushed through the last of the vegetation that tried to consume her. Bending over to catch her breath, (for she always ran when going to visit… Continue reading “Grandmother’s House”