Piqued My Thoughts #20

One interesting thing I’ve found recently is a sort of internal balance beam I’ve faced with as a creative and a Christian. Are they so opposite? Have they been separated by closed minded individuals whom I need to stop listening to? Are there ways to express truth, honesty, and thought while also walking in my… Continue reading Piqued My Thoughts #20


Using a Voice other than your Own

Sometimes in the creative process, we can get so caught up in staying with a trend or basing our future successes off of the styles of the "Greats" of the past. But that's a bad metric for future work in a constantly shifting world with a great range of audiences to pick from. I've caught… Continue reading Using a Voice other than your Own

Piqued My Thoughts #2

As an avid user of Pinterest (and indirectly Tumblr), I’ve seen a ton of posts/prompts for interesting and innovative new games, stories, novels, comics, etc., and yet can’t seem to find these things actually being made. In fairness to the prompters, they are neither required to make of their prompts nor are they necessarily not… Continue reading Piqued My Thoughts #2

Creative Frustrations

Something that makes me mad: I listen to secular music and enjoy art and sometimes through these artists I can still feel and experience God through it. (That, I'm not mad about.) God still gave them the gift, regardless of what they've chosen to use it for. So why is it then, that once these people… Continue reading Creative Frustrations