Prayers of Selfishness?

I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly wondering if I’m praying to God for the right reasons, especially for leaders or people of influence. Unfortunately, that has also kept me from praying for people or things plenty of times. Take music for example. I’ve never been the kind of person to really like a … Continue reading Prayers of Selfishness?


Soul Needs Getting Met

I want to talk about people today. I love people, even when I don't love people. And for me, even though I love people and I love helping people, it can get tiresome after a while (though, that's probably everyone). And it's funny because I get so frustrated with myself for allowing me to get tired … Continue reading Soul Needs Getting Met

Creative Frustrations

Something that makes me mad: I listen to secular music and enjoy art and sometimes through these artists I can still feel and experience God through it. (That, I'm not mad about.) God still gave them the gift, regardless of what they've chosen to use it for. So why is it then, that once these people … Continue reading Creative Frustrations

Journal Share: Relationships Part 2

This was from my journaling a few months ago, with some edits of course: I wanted to share this because it starts out negative, in frustration and with a lot of emotions but ends on me turning the tables and focusing on the good things, instead of the negative. Read: I'm not ignoring the negative … Continue reading Journal Share: Relationships Part 2

Journal Share: Relationships Part 1

Since we are in February, I thought I would talk about relationships and topics surrounding it. I decided to share some of my journal writing because it's a part of the journey I'm on. This is from almost a year ago and I was really ... well emotional. This is not a light read. I … Continue reading Journal Share: Relationships Part 1

Symptom Society

We live in a society that deals more with symptoms than root issues. I mean, look at medicine commercials. They're tragically funny. You take something to get well, or better from one sickness and then it attracts 60 other issues. That's crazy!   Our solutions thus far: Sick? Take pill.  Acting out? Put them in … Continue reading Symptom Society

Lessons I’ve Learned…Before 20

With my birthday coming up this year (I was going to say which month, but that's a bit sketch), I'm sort of reaching another life "checkpoint" if you will. Turning 20  in the U.S. may not seem like that big of a deal, but one is no longer considered a teenager and it's one step … Continue reading Lessons I’ve Learned…Before 20

Walking the Unbeaten Path

So, I may or may have not gotten a bit fired up about the new year. Just some stuff happened, and keeps happening, that gave me hope towards this year and reignited a dying flame within me. And if any year would be the year to kick fear in the butt, this would be it. … Continue reading Walking the Unbeaten Path

How Might I Live in a World with no Limits

So here's a thought: what life might you live, what parts of your life and being would you do differently if you knew it would harm no one and there were no hindrances and time and supplies weren't an issue. In a sense, in you were the last living person how would you live? What … Continue reading How Might I Live in a World with no Limits