Piqued My Thoughts #3

TBH, I’m not expecting much response from this. I basically abandoned this blog and even after adjusting and adding new widgets, bits and bobs, I left any readers I did have hanging. I just couldn’t think of anything I thought to be appropriate to share.

I guess you can say this post is kind of an open-ended question disguised as a blog post?

So what has piqued my thoughts this week? Well, some questions I’d mostly just like to see comments or feedback from (no pressure though).

  • Why do you visit this blog?/What have you gotten from it?
  • Does it matter that it’s mostly a modified journal/thought bubble/experimental space at this point?
  • Would anybody be interested in media analyses? Not academics or whatever, just more musings + opinions, only related to music, books, movies and such. ~Spoilers will definitely be included~

Maybe none of this matters outside of growing my skills, and it’s just a hobby. Who knows? (Not me, that’s for sure.) I’ll keep doing it if it seems fun and “piques” my interests still.


Ebbs out.


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