Soul Needs Getting Met

I want to talk about people today.

I love people, even when I don’t love people. And for me, even though I love people and I love helping people, it can get tiresome after a while (though, that’s probably everyone). And it’s funny because I get so frustrated with myself for allowing me to get tired and tuckered out by folks, but I don’t mean to; I just lose steam.

I honestly wish we didn’t need sleep or that we ran on solar power or photosynthesis or something, but whatever. I’d be like the energizer bunny and (almost) never stop. But we do need rest in both soul and body.

I learned that a few weeks ago when I went on a trip for a conference. I’ve had a hard time with being tired all the time – even though I was sleeping often, I just couldn’t feel refreshed no matter how many hours I get. So I went on my trip and of course got worn out from the go-go-going of it all and taking in all of the new experiences, knowledge, and people around me. Although I had had fun and got physical rest, I was exhausted. At the end of my trip, though, I was able to connect with some old friends and meets some new ones and had an awesome game night and some of those midnight talks that last into the wee hours of the next day, and I noticed how much energy I received from that.

I hadn’t realized how much I had missed that type of interaction since I had come home from school. I missed getting to know people on a deeper level and talks about things that really matter to people, not just “small talk”, which I learned during my conference trip that I suck at. I’m so awkward when meeting people… But that’s another story.

The best way I can describe it is – most of my interactions with people are give and take – I give time and energy and don’t receive the energy back. I end up pretty drained afterward, even if I enjoyed being with the person/people. Very few people have I met that actually pour energy and life back into me during our interactions. Even some of the people I love the most. It felt nice to have my soul needs met. It’s different since that feels so rare for me.

Maybe you can relate.

#Letshaveaconversation I’m curious; feel free to share any of your stories on getting soul needs met in a healthy way in the comments below. See ya next week.

Ebbs 😛


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