Money, Resources, and Weed Wacking

I don’t get why people complain about giving money towards a millionaire’s business or something. (Okay confession: I feel that way too about some places with ethics stuff – but moving on.)


“I don’t want to buy from this chain, it just goes into the pockets of some selfish rich [insert other adjective] guy.”

“I don’t like how Pastor Do-Good seems to have a nice car and a nice house. Where else could they be putting that money? Shouldn’t that go to the poor or the church?”

“All these political officials are, are crooks. Poli-ticks I tell ya.” (I admit, I have a high distrust towards political figures as well.)


Maybe. Maybe not. You don’t know what they do with their money and other resources. You don’t know them as a person. Plus no matter what you do, you’re making someone, somewhere money. Everyone benefits or is harmed at some point by the works of others. Kind of like the butterfly effect. Even if you hate the owner or some other top person of that business or organization, think of the thousands or millions of people who are employed by that business directly or indirectly. You don’t know them either, yet you affect them at some level.

(Also, I’m curious how truthfully most of us would do in their shoes? “You don’t have the right to judge me. You weren’t there when…”)

And on the flip side, that person may be the head or face of the company, but I doubt (especially for large companies and corporations) that the “owner” is the only one benefitting from the income. Also, this could apply to the farther reach of religious leaders, government officials, and so on.

They may be getting the biggest chunks, but you don’t know what it took them to get to that. Maybe they were dishonest or inherited it. If they were dishonest, I believe eventually they will be found out.

Some people inherit things and they work to make it better and keep a pure heart about it and some are brats about it and the whole thing goes to crap.

Others have actually put their whole lives and the lives of their family’s on the line for this. (I mean this part with extra emphasis on business/organization leaders and religious leaders.) There are people who immediately judge where they see that person now, and yes there are plenty of people whose behinds have gotten too big for their britches. But there are people with little to no money who are like that on a smaller scale too. But there are people who’ve toiled where no one else saw and they put in their time and life and this is the harvest you now see in their life. Most of us don’t see other’s Spring or Summer time. We usually judge the Winter or look down on it, and we grow jealous of the Autumn.

What others do with their autumn harvest shouldn’t be our primary concern (as I said before things are eventually found out and consequences do happen).

I wonder how much more the human race could accomplish if we all focused more on our own yearly seasons and growth than putting down others for theirs. If you are wondering why someone else’s crops are growing so well, perhaps you could be thankful for where you’ve grown and help them grow even higher.

My mom keeps telling me this: “It doesn’t just have to be an “if”, it can be “both”.”

I have tended to compare myself and my life to the lives of others. But why does it have to be one person doing well and the other person sucking at life? Why can’t we both do well and wish each other well, despite the fact that someone crops are growing slower or faster than yours? In the end, you both have a full garden, right?

To be fair, I have to say that I’m lecturing myself as I type this for all of those I’ve judged, especially those initial snap judgments on people in passing, after just having met them, or heard about through others experiences or the news.


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