Creative Frustrations

Something that makes me mad: I listen to secular music and enjoy art and sometimes through these artists I can still feel and experience God through it. (That, I’m not mad about.) God still gave them the gift, regardless of what they’ve chosen to use it for.

So why is it then, that once these people get saved and come to church we tell them to “calm down their gifts”, “you show yourself too much in your work”, and so on? Why do we have fun and belt out freely in our own time, yet in worship to God we all sound the same and dreary? Why must the gifts be reduced in order to give God glory? Isn’t us using our gifts part of what brings Him glory? Doesn’t it boast of the Creator who bestowed these very gifts and talents in the first place?

I’m pretty sure satan has never given anyone the gift of song. He’s never blessed anyone with a voice that could connect heaven to earth, lyrics from the heart that could pierce a person right through. His creativity is nothing but a cheap knock-off in comparison. And that goes for every other talent out there as well.

Why is it that those in the secular realm are killing it in everything that they do while the church is just barely getting by? What non-sense is this? Why are curses and swearing more abundant and common than blessings (and not those “bless you sister” or “bless your heart” stuff; the kind that sees beyond a person to the golden core, even in the most rotten of apples.)


I once heard a speaker say, “Don’t do for money what you won’t for love.”


I bring this up not out of competition, rather as a challenge to myself and others. Why have we as the church let the very gifts and talents the Lord has given us slip through our fingers like sand? How could we let this happen? (I hope you realize I’m telling myself this as I type this.)


If we served a dead god, I could understand that. If we served a god who stopped communicating 2000 years ago I would understand.

But we don’t.

He’s very much real and alive. Yet we’ve let embers in our hearts grow cold and forgotten this living God who has feelings and relates. We’re made in His image, not the other way around.


Creativity is His nature.

“In the beginning, God created…” Genesis 1:1

The very first verse and His first impression to us is Creator.

If we are children of God, then shouldn’t we be like our Father?


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