Symptom Society

We live in a society that deals more with symptoms than root issues. I mean, look at medicine commercials. They’re tragically funny. You take something to get well, or better from one sickness and then it attracts 60 other issues. That’s crazy!


Our solutions thus far: Sick? Take pill.  Acting out? Put them in a holding cell, detention, institution, etc. And so on. Yeah, how’s that working out for us?


Using the gun issue as an example: Having more guns does not solve the problem any more than removing guns do. Both sides are looking at the wrong things to make a difference. Both sides want to have a safer world. Focus on people and actually caring about people issues: prejudice, hatred, mental illnesses, traumas, or what have you. I know that barely scratches the surfaces of this issue, but that’s the point. When will we start helping people before they get to the extremities? When will we stop turning blind eyes to the real problems?

This isn’t a government issue or a police issue. When was the last time you tried to check up on those around you? Some smiles hide severe pain, and some scowls are just a face.

Here’s the thing, though: if you are sick with something and only deal with the symptoms, never bothering to either figure out or misdiagnosing the real issue, you’ll still be sick.

If someone has been smoking for years and never addresses the true reason behind it and they stop their cigarette addiction, they’ll just move on to something else. Maybe it’s chewing gum, watching porn, compulsive cleaning, or something. But if the true reason is never dealt with it will just grow as something else.

You have to learn to see beyond the base symptoms in your life and those around you. We are all guilty of judging people based on how we see them in the moment and not realizing that there are other factors that are behind this.

Going back to the smoking analogy, if Jim Bob has been smoking for 20 years because that’s where he gets comfort from to avoid dealing with his family issues, yet refuses to deal with the family stuff, that stuff hasn’t disappeared. He may have stopped smoking but sooner or later he’ll find another vice to fill his comfort zone and the cycle continues. Heck, it could even be a “good” vice.

“Hi, I’m Jim Bob and I spend all of my time helping the poor and I’m a hard-working individual.”

That’s great Jim Bob, but your wife is angry with you for not paying her any attention and your kids are all focused on getting the best achievements in life motivated by their need for validation from their father who is never home. (I’m not making fun of any particular people or lifestyle; I was just using that as an example. Trust me, the list goes on and on.)

I’m not dogging out the stuff that people do, but I am saying that we do need to be more aware of why we do what we do, and how to find “cures” and not just quick fixes.

Think about plants. They are what they are. You can graft new things on, but that’s not what they were without having been tampered with. I’m not a gardener, so forgive me if I am wrong on this, but if you were to graft living fruit onto a dying tree, I doubt that would help much. If you have a weed growing in your yard and you cut off the top but leave the roots, it will just grow back because it was never fully taken care of.

The same thing happens with people.

We have to stop trying to fix the wrong parts of the issue.


Fix the problem, not the symptom.


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