Winter Wonderland

Autumn and Winter are my favorite seasons. You can keep your allergy filled Spring and raging  hot Summer. (Ironically I hate the cold too, but whatever.) The foods, the smells; all of it is so relaxing and calming to me. It’s kind of funny how time just passes by without us realizing it. I looked out this morning and saw how vibrant the colored leaves on the trees were and thought I don’t remember it being like that. Have I just not notice how’s it’s changed right in front of me?

I can’t believe we are less than a month away from 2017! This year’s been a doozy, hasn’t it? With both great things and a whole lot of mess as well. Oh, well. We’ve got through.

Bless you, everyone reading this. No matter what you’ve had to face this year, you’ve made it through, or are making it through. And sometimes that’s enough.

One thing I hope we can end the year on is unity as humanity. Not necessarily agreeing with everything, but valuing each other over the idea of just being right or winning an argument.

With all of the division our world has suffered this year and the years before this, I hope that we can all take a breath and find something good even in someone we might consider a pain or an outright enemy.

I can’t pretend to know what people have done to you, but I can say from experience (both previous and current) that holding on to anything for too long ends up hurting you more than them.

Whatever your political, religious, thoughts, etc. I hope you realize that despite all of our differences, most people generally want the same things. Some of us simply have gotten twisted or turned around while trying to get there.

I live in sunny California and I love the snow, despite hating the cold. When I was younger I would pray ever year for God to send my town some snow. It never happened. I even got frustrated when we would get nothing and one of the nearby towns got ice and the other (normally even warmer) town got snow. Boy, did that rub my feathers.

Now that I’m older, my prayers have changed. The climate I want God to change ins now in the hearts of people. No more hatred. Community that loves another and takes care of those not in it or agreeing with it either, simply because they care.

How have we let everything divide us as Christians? People on either side of the political camps are saying someone can’t be a Christian for standing for one person or another. If Christians can’t forgive and love one another or see to understand each other over something this important as this, it’s no wonder everyone else calls us hypocrites. This is utter stupidity!

Frankly, I’m pissed. I’m the kind of person who likes to solve conflicts or mediate and to see everyone slinging mud at each other instead of actually owning what’s going on and doing something about it (that doesn’t harm others) is both heartbreaking and pathetic.

I’m sorry that this has turned into a rant, but I wish more people would learn to see each other as Jesus does. I definitely forget to when I’m right up close to an issue; more the reason to go to Him.

I realize that not everyone who reads this will be a Christian, so even though I’m talking about humanity in general, most of my frustrations lie with those who’ve said they follow Christ.

I saw a quote the other day and reposted it on to my social media and I want to share it here too:

“If you hate anyone because of your faith, you’re doing it wrong.” – a church billboard

I don’t believe that means you have to agree with someone’s life choices and living. There are boundaries you have of your own beliefs, but the way most of us have been treating one another is definitely nowhere near the “love” we claim to have in God.







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