Waking Up Early

I am a  night owl. Or at least that’s what I’ve told myself for the past 5-6 years. I am that person who stays up late, yet sees the benefit of early rising and the times I do get up early enjoy the silence and peace it brings, not to mention the “extra” time I get.

I actually quite like mornings. I love the transition from dark to light, seeing the dawn, especially during Autumn and Winter. It makes my heart happy.

The mornings I wake up early, I get a lot accomplished much quicker and end up with a ton of free time the rest of the day.


– Self Improvement –


After writing all of this my question to myself is this: why then do I dread getting up early and stay up late somehow night after night using the same tactics (“I’ll get more accomplished if I stay up, just in case I don’t get up earlier” “My best ideas come right as I’m falling asleep.” While that may be currently true, I would rather have my productivity in the morning [think the 5:30am-11:00am window] become my primary work time.If I include a few more hours in the afternoon, that’s a full work day right there. Oi, I’m wasting so much time…what am I doing with my life?

I keep waking up at 3 am and staying up until like 5am, then looking like a bum to my family members when I’m asleep until like 9am-10am. Get it together self! Yet, that’s my alone time. Living in a large family, your sense of personal space and time must be purposefully carved out and planned or it’ll never happen. My God-time, my self-time, and my processing time has to happen at some point or I’ll crack at some point.


– So, Contrasting… –


  • Staying up late

– Time to myself, but extremely wiped the next day. I’m de-energized, and constantly needing naps and a reset every few weeks due to varying schedules.

It’s simply not making the cut anymore. (Truthfully, it never did.) I’m always tired all the time, never have any energy, unhealthy eating habits (with no consistent timetable and all), and it’s annoying my family and such.

  • Getting up early

– Stuff gets done, and I have time to myself. I’m more likely to drink more water and eat a good breakfast. I’m able to study with a clear head, listen to podcasts, and plan out my work for the day/week ahead. I’m ahead of my work day instead of trying to catch up with it, I get in my journal time. In other words, starting the day out right.

The only downside I’ve seen thus far is that due to the fact that when I intently focus and zone out on one thing, I burn out quicker and lose traction. That’s another issue, though, that needs to be resolved outside of early morning waking.


– My New Goal –


After years of bad habits ingrained and numerous times of attempting to reset my life (Sleep wise), I’m wondering what’s the best way to motivate myself to change. What end result do I wish to achieve that would give me the kick in the butt every morning to break the bad habits. The lack of sleep, the energy fluctuations throughout my day, and the stubbornness to not change even after logically seeing the positive effects of changing my lifestyle.

Alarms? Tried it and sometimes they work and sometimes not.

Establish a morning routine? Tried it and on the times it failed, the main culprit is staying up late the night before.

Set time to go to sleep? …Tried that. But I lie awake for a long time and get restless.

I’m probably just making excuses at this point because I’m frustrated that I haven’t been able to be more stable with, well, any type of routine not related to work or something along those lines.

This is beginning to feel more like a journal entry than a blog…

I guess I’ll just wing it and try to go to bed earlier and focus on shutting down my brain faster to sleep. Maybe I’ll drink some sort of tea before going to bed. And shut off the music at least 30 mins before I try to sleep.

We shall see.



I don’t feel like I got any where with this. Oi…

Here’s to creating new habits and breaking old ones.









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