Politics and People

I usually stay away from the topic of politics. Unfortunately, politics are a lot like death. They force us to evaluate ourselves and the world around us for what it’s worth and re-write our priorities in the world.

This is my opinion, but a lot of us are willing to vote on something to “fix” our area of life: education, veterans, protection, taxes, and so on. How many of us would be willing to come up with a way to fix it though if it weren’t put into so one else’s hands to deal with?
If it weren’t Senator Such-and-such, or Council-Member Can-Do trying to fix (or worsen) an issue, what then? Who then would you pass the baton on to?

As a citizen, is it not both our right and duty to change what we want to see changed and do what needs to be done. Not through violence, and petty arguments. What model are we setting for the next generation?

Sure, anyone under 18 isn’t legal to make an “official” change in the bureaucratic system and in-laws, but that doesn’t mean we can’t empower them or ourselves to make better changes in our communities. Instead of making newer laws year after year, why don’t we make better changes on the ground level, increasing morals, raising better people, focusing on what students really need and so on, so that we have fewer criminals to fights, and better-equipped citizens making more positive changes in our areas?

Instead of fighting over whether or not guns or drugs should be legal, shouldn’t the more important question be: how do we help people going through hard times never having to think of that as an option. If we took better care of our fellow man, do you really think violence, ignorance would be as big of an issue? Maybe we would actually have more educated and wise people, rather than groups of people with large amounts of information in their heads because that’s not the same thing.

This isn’t as much of a government issue as it is a people issue. These negative things in our nation are nothing more than symptoms of a bigger issue, and trying to rid us of the symptoms either presents us with the same symptoms in a worse state or other possible worse symptoms from never addressing the real issues.

I’m not a politician. I have nothing to offer or bribe anyone with. I just want to see my country become better than it has ever been.
No racial hatred. That means cleaning up messes long left and “forgotten”.

No violence. No suicides. Taking people seriously, getting behind walls in a loving way.

And so on.


You can’t create more rules or laws to solve everything. If we haven’t gotten anywhere with what we’ve already had, maybe we’re focused on the wrong issues. Sometimes you have to be willing to get messy and reach out to help your fellow man in order for the betterment of everyone.


Not everything is as black and white as much as we might want it to be. We all have to do our part, as big or as little as that is in our own lives. It might seem “easier” in right now to accept or not certain things, but we have to look beyond just ourselves. What about in a decade or two, how and who does it now effect? What about those left years from now.


I get frustrated looking in history books because I see how their past decisions have negatively affected our generations today in a ripple effect most of them never considered. The same thing happens in every generation. The question is: are we willing to shoulder the same responsibility that every generation must bear or will we cast it aside and leave those after us in a worse state than we were given, or are we willing to raise our ceilings so that those after us have high floors and better choices based on what we worked for to give them?


So who are you willing to stand for? Only yourself and those who stand with you, or those without a choice?



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