Father’s Day

So Father’s Day is coming up… it’s tomorrow in fact. Shout out to all of the fathers who have sacrificed and been there through thick and thin and even to the ones who’ve dropped the ball and are looking to get back on the right track with their kids.

Fathers are a funny breed of person. They are doctors and teachers and psychiatrists. They’ve probably done every dumb thing in the book and that’s how they catch and attempt to keep you from making the same mistakes they have. They will baby you and simultaneously expect you to grow up. They’ll be there to walk you through your life and protect you from the world. Sometimes they’re the ones that made you cry, even if they didn’t mean it. Fathers love, even when their “love” is sometimes seen and not necessarily heard. Fathers mean well even if it sometimes gets lost in translation.

Sometimes dads can seem like an alien species. As the oldest child and daughter of a large family, my dad and I are so alike that we butt heads on almost everything (sometimes I disagree just because he agrees…immature, yes I know…).  What’s yes for him is no for me and vice versa, but I wouldn’t have become the person I am if not for him. When childhood heartbreaks happened who was there to comfort me? My dad. Who taught me to drive and I purposefully drove past sprinklers when his window was down and he wasn’t looking? My dad. Who supported my dreams not only in faith but in finances and logic? My dad.

I guess I want to say: Sorry for being a pill most of the time, thanks for being the best dad you know how to be and thank you for everything.

Happy Father’s Day to all dads and fathers, but especially to my dad. 🙂


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