Projects I’m currently working on and Ideas for the future

This post is kind of a brain splat if you will. A peek at what’s going on in my heart and head.

So besides this blog, I am in the process of starting up another one on a specific subject (it’s not ready to be revealed yet though so that’s all you’re getting out of me right now).

I’m finally painting again. I stopped truthfully because in recent years I’ve been more of a perfectionist and afraid of not getting anywhere with it… which is complete none sense, but we all have those little lies that love to keep us silent and not working.

Writing wise I’ve been hoping around. Sometimes a story thought that doesn’t really go anywhere. I’ve been slowly updating my online writing, but only when I have the time and inspiration. I was working on streams of consciousness when I first got to school and a little bit of poetry, but it’s more of a journaling tactic.

I’ve thought about doing youtube in my freetime as a hobby but I have no idea what I would put on there. Weird movie commentary? I want to do animations but I haven’t a clue of how to do such a thing. Or t-shirt design. These things are really up in the air; probably not going to happen for a few years but who knows.

This summer and possibly up until next year I’ll be studying a range of subjects on my own (there is a method to my madness I promise). Arts, writing, language, and others.

I would say, its not that I have art block or writers block. My issue is that I have an abundance of ideas and have to decide which ones are worth pursuing and which are simply for a different time. It’s overwhelming at times to be honest. And sometimes my projects are all based on the same topic for a while, just different forms or perspectives on it. I have no idea if that’s just how everyone else does it and I’m just now realizing it.

I’ll probably update this post when other things come to mind.


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