Read When You Feel…Abundant Living

I actually don’t know what to write because so rarely am I used to living from abundance. It’s easy to say, “Rejoice!” when life sucks, to boost your spirits, but when you’re doing good, how do you praise God and sustain that meek and humble stance while staying in the state of abundance?

Testimony! Write out the goodness of God; sing it, paint it, build it, however you remember it, just tell it. You being in a good mood, being blessed, or even being raised with your identity intact is a testimony to other that it gets better, that there is good in the world that can be sustained.

I hate when people are in a good place or mood and others expect them to be depressed or in lack for others in worse off situations. What kind of non-sense is that? There is a joke on the internet that whenever people waste food on experiments or some other first world fun, people come in with “Children in Africa could have eaten…” even over something as silly as a broken phone or something. I understand that it’s a joke though there are people who legitimately think like this. That there will never be enough. I know. I’ve been there to a degree (it’s not just about food and finances). Not enough time, peace, sleep, etc. Whatever you want to put in that box. So kudos to you people who have faithfully stewarded what was given to you and have seen it grow.

I read a book called “A Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp (great book by the way!) and in it she mentions a Greek word eucharisteo. I really like that word. She breaks it down into three words: charis – grace , euacharisteo -thanksgiving, and chara – joy. I believe we need more of this in the good times than the bad times. It keeps our eyes and heart in the right place: on the One who provides.

And so I pray: God, how do I sustain your goodness and glory and not take it as my own? Teach me to live in abundance and humility!

My belief: It is possible!




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