February Updates

Hey Guys!

Ebbs here from school, just wanted to update you guys on some of my processes here. I’ve been working on some projects and ideas  for the future and the summer. Honestly I’ve just been too terrified to write anything.

This is my School Book list for those who’ve been asking:

These are the books that the entire first year class gets and reads:

  • “When Heaven Invades Earth” – Bill Johnson
  • “Hosting the Presence” – Bill Johnson
  • “Basic Training for the Prophetic” workbook – Kris Vallotton
  • “30 Days to Understanding your Bible” workbook – Max Anders
  • “Experiencing the Father’s Embrace” – Jack Frost
  • “A Practical Guide to Evangelism Supernaturally” – Chris Overstreet
  • “Power of Forgiveness” – Jason and Kris Vallotton
  • “The Supernatural Ways of Royalty” book and workbook – Kris Vallotton; Bill Johnson
  • “Keep Your Love On” – Danny Silk
  • “Happy Intercessor” -Beni Johnson
  • “Moral Revolution” – Kris Vallotton
  • “Spirit Wars” -Kris Vallotton
  • “Christian History Made Easy” (currently reading) – Timothy Jones
  • “God’s Generals” (currently reading) – Roberts Liardon
  • “Grasping God’s Word” textbook (currently reading; I don’t agree with everything, and neither do my teachers) – Duvall and Hayes
  • “Strengthen Yourself in the Lord” (I have not read it yet.) – Bill Johnson


I’m currently in a class called “Living from the Unseen” and it is based on the instructor’s, Wendy Backlund, book of the same name. My outreach has been changed in the last couple of weeks. (Most don’t change but mine was a rotation.) City project, which is students volunteering around the city to bless it with labor around the city (cleaning up parks, and other areas around the city) and now I’m in Treasure Hunts which is another form of evangelism where you ask God to show you something about the people you might meet (your “treasure”) and bless them, pray for them, or whatever they might need in that moment.

Along with classes, I’ve been working on art and writing projects. Because a lot of my writing is comprised of stories I’m always hesitant of posting them, since they are mostly in the rough draft stage ( I’m working on more than 10 at the moment and am always coming up with new ideas). I’m working on some other projects that I’m not sure where they are going yet, so I’m not going into detail yet. Honestly, I don’t know what I’m doing blogging. It is one of my weaker points, but I thought this would be a good way of working on my weaker points. I might begin to write just about somethings for the future and how I wish to change the world around me. I don’t know yet. The very fact that I can even admit that shows how I’ve grown in the last few months. (I HATE admitting when I need help.)

I would like to say that this has definitely been a year of getting out of my comfort zone and running at fear. If I am what I truly say I am, then faith should be what rules me, not fear. If I’m focused on fear, anxiety, or worry then that means that I’m not trusting God in the moment or for my future. (I understand that some people have specific anxiety issues, or depression, etc., but I’m referring to everyday stuff). I can’t allow myself to be stuck in the moment and the fear of what might happen, because if I do, nothing He’s called me to will ever get done.



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