Week of Dec 1

[My apologies for not posting up until now!!!]

This week has been very liberating and emotional. Through the last few months God has been taking me through a process and journey of being able to show what I’m truly feeling to people and being honest with myself about how I am doing (or emotional health if you will). The week had a rough start and then got better and then was terrible and then good. It was an absolute roller coaster!


When I first got here in September I had no expectations except that everyday would increase from the previous. God has been faithful to that and each day has been a learning experience and a testimony to the next day or week. I am not the same person I was 3 months ago and will continue to change into the woman God has called me to be.

Honestly, when I first got here I thought everyone was crazy (though I’m not unused to it; ask my family and best friends). Things are similar to my home church and yet it’s also completely foreign to the life I’m used to living. Learning that it’s okay to love yourself in order to better love others, coming from the mindset of living from the Kingdom of God and having access to  all His goodness and not living from a mindset of lack, and other new concepts like those. Simple things that we tend to overthink and over-complicate.


Since I am a first year student I have the privilege of going on one mission trip this year. Normally the students would get the choice of one country to visit and go on mission teams to those places for a week or so. This year, for the first time, the entire school is going to the same place. In April in Los Angeles, we will be going down in our revival groups (assigned groups of about 65 people that meet weekly under a pastor and 3rd year interns) to different areas of the city to minister before and during an event called Azusa Now. (I will do a separate post on my mission trip later!) Bethel Church’s leaders feel so strongly about this many of its own church members will also be going down to partner with what is going on.


So this is the first of my many updates.

Feel free to comment or ask about stuff that you would like my to post or answer. Bye!




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